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  • POWERUP stands for 

    "Providing Opportunities Where Everyone Rises Up."


    I believe everyone needs a support system. That’s my role in our community. To PowerUp the Communities I serve. I do this by bringing people and technology together to help us succeed.


    At the age of 19, I moved to Corpus Christi, Texas from Nairobi, Kenya on a golf scholarship to pursue a career in Computer Science. I have turned my love of automation and humanity into a fulfilling life, winning multiple awards for community engagement and managing inclusive talent development initiatives around the world.


    I have worked with the executive leadership teams of various organizations to drive their growth and delivery of learning and development services. I lead the development and delivery of technical, industry professional, learning, and leadership development for over 10,000 individuals annually.


    I’ve been featured on NBC, The Apprentice TV Show, Al Jazeera, BBC, Black Enterprise, Caller-Times Newspaper, Hungry Kids, Kenya Golf Guide, KRIS Channel 3, Texas Business Women, Jamhuri Magazine, Nation Newspaper, The Standard, People, AOL Jobs, Reaching Neighbors, and many other media publications.


    I graduated college with highest honors, Summa Cum Laude from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi earning a Master’s Degree of Science in Educational Technology, along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a minor in Management of Information Systems.

    In addition to many awards, I have won an entrepreneur of the year award and was named “Corpus Christi Under 40, Person of the Year”.


    Find out more about Liza Wisner. www.lizawisner.com


    Dr. Tammy Francis, The Catalyst, is a Texas native. Affectionately called Dr. Tammy, she is an
    Edupreneur. She is the owner and CEO of Catalyst 4 Change Global, LLC, Catalyst 4 Change
    Travel, T. F. Donaldson Global Enterprises, LLC and Catalyst4Change Apparel. She is also the
    founder of the Catalyst 4 Change Global Community. Dr. Tammy is a full-time, tenured
    Assistant Professor of Reading and Faculty Coordinator of Developmental Education. She
    teaches developmental reading and integrated reading and writing courses. She is also a Life and
    Business Strategist, Educator, Global Community Builder, Consultant, Educational Researcher,
    Literacy Advocate, Speaker, Author, and Traveler. Dr. Tammy has been a TEDx speaker. Her
    talk was titled, “Connected to Your Purpose, on Purpose.” She is also serving the community as the Event Curator for TEDx Cole Park - JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

    As an educator for more than 20 years, Dr. Tammy helps adults improve their reading and
    writing skills as well as their ability to be successful in college and life. She offers her services as
    a consultant and professional developer to supports educators in the secondary and
    postsecondary classroom to improve reading and writing instruction across the curriculum as
    well as student success strategies in the school setting. She also shares instructional strategies
    that create an engaged, equitable, and inclusive environment for students from diverse

    As an entrepreneur and strategist, Dr. Tammy helps purpose-driven leaders move in the direction
    of more and prepare for what’s next by providing the tools and strategies needed to plan and live
    on purpose in life and/or business. She also offers goal setting/vision sessions, purpose planning
    workshops, and conscious connections retreats.
    Dr. Tammy’s two most recent titles are “Manifesting More: A Playbook for Planning and Living
    on Purpose” and “R.E.A.P. More: 76 Seeds for This Season.” She also has chapters in the
    recently released books, “You Can: 33 Stories to Uplift and Inspire Everyday People” and
    “Stronger: A Guide for Women Entrepreneurs on Finding Hope and Motivation for Your
    Business During Times of Crisis.”

    Connect with her across all social media platforms @DrTammyFrancis and @C4CGlobal1.
    Email her at info@drtammyfrancis.com.


    For more information, visit DrTammyFrancis.com and www.catalyst4changeglobal.net.



    PowerUp Talks brings you the best of human performance optimization to help solve the world's increasing demand for the inclusion of technology and life-skills as compulsory subjects in all education curricula worldwide.

    Our award-winning speakers will PowerUp your people to make your community stronger.
    #PowerUp.org: Providing Opportunities Where Everyone Rises Up!

    R.E.A.P More: 76 Seeds for Improving Teacher Morale and Student Success

    This workshop addressed diversity, equity, and inclusion in education. It provided instructional culturally responsive strategies to improve student success and bridge the gap between school and the students’ world. Teachers also left with motivation and encouragement strategies to enhance their personal and professional lives.

    PowerUp Your Life Keynote

    Power Up is from the Latin “potentia sursum”. It literally means “superpotential”. In this module, we welcome you to the PowerUp Delta Series so you can PowerUp Your Life to actualize your potential. We will take a big picture look at the 9 (+1!) Modules of the PowerUp Delta: Starting with an overview of ancient wisdom plus modern science, utilizing practical tools to live your best life.

    Mindset Shifts: Addressing Equity and Access in Education

    This keynote presentation addressed equity in education by exploring strategies and mindset work to create community and improve student success.


    PowerUp Your Talent Code

    Your talent code is your PowerUp DNA. In this module, we will discover your talents and learn how to use them to thrive.

    Manifesting More: Planning and Living on Purpose

    This presentation addressed how to clarify your vision, set goals, create an action plan, establish manageable steps to achieve goals and strategies to execute the plan using Dr. Tammy’s signature purpose planning program.

    PowerUp Your Purpose

    Discover your purpose to fulfill your destiny. Abraham Maslow tells us that what one can be, one must be. Actualizing our potential is like oxygen for the soul. Helping you discover your purpose and fulfill your destiny is what this talk is all about.

    PowerUp Your Foundation

    What's the foundation of your life? This is the structure of how to live your best days, also known as Masterpiece Days.

    WakeUp to PowerUp

    Let’s face it, waking up early, living your best life, and juggling a busy workload can be close to impossible. There is not enough time for all of it! That’s why Liza Wisner developed the WakeUp To PowerUp Prime Time routine to start the day, Powered Up.

    PowerUp Your Champions

    Success leaves clues. Don't reinvent the wheel. Find something or someone to be a role model and then optimize their work to make it better and fit your style.

    PowerUp Planning For Success

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. We will uncover the methods to achieve your goals and maintain focus.

    PowerUp Diversity

    Let us learn together. Let's create spaces where everyone can thrive and contribute their best. Let us PowerUp Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in our communities.

    PowerUp Your 'SPICE'

    SPICE stands for Society, Partners, Investors, Customers, Employees. How do you find success by serving all stakeholders to ensure your success?

    PowerUp Your Targets

    Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you need to execute like the best to have a much greater chance of success and help you stay on course during the process.

    PowerUp Algorithms To Automate

    Computer Algorithms and like a recipe for a computer: An algorithm tells the computer what to do in order to produce a certain outcome. You need to build human algorithms aka recipes for your life to stack positive habits to maintain focus, make progress, cultivate confidence, demonstrate consistency, and commit to spiraling up by keeping score on the things that matter most.

    PowerUp Your Failures

    Failing up is your superpower! As much as it hurts, it’s an important part of life and in fact, failure is necessary in order to have success.

    PowerUp Heroes

    We often describe a hero as someone who becomes admired for their outstanding achievements in life or for their willingness to help others in dangerous situations. We rarely think of a hero when we describe ourselves. A PowerUp Hero has strength for two, ten, twenty, or 100. They live their lives in such a way that they are ready to support when they are needed. To become a PowerUp Hero you must give your entire life to being the best version of yourself - physically, mentally, and spiritually - for yourself, your family, your community, and in greater service to the world. 

    PowerUp Hero Kids

    Being a PowerUp Hero Kid is about doing your very best in all parts of your life. It is about you being an agent of change - for yourself, your family, and for your community. You can be a PowerUp Hero Kid!

    PowerUp Your Spartan Life

    Mastering the mindset of a spartan warrior requires a lot of dedication and perseverance. Liza Wisner shares with her journey towards building physical endurance and how that helped her PowerUp mental endurance. This talk is a great inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve their personal best.

    PowerUp Your Future Skills

    Did you know that about 50% of the skills you need - regardless of your industry - will have changed by 2030? Are you ready for those changes? This rapid pace of change in jobs and skills means there’s always a growing demand to update skills, faster.
















    With over a decade's experience in public speaking, we work with many organizations, schools, press, media, and community leaders, including the following:

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